Duty officer


INTERPOL CENTER has been formed to facilitate combatting economic crimes, detect those who have committed crimes, and persons suspected of committing economic crimes, as well as to share experience among policemen all over the world.

Educate and train individuals and units upon the requests received from them by conducting special training programs developed by the Organization and its Partners within the limits of law, to maintain special databases of wanted persons and the ways the crimes are committed,

Provide high-level security services for the individuals, organizations and businesses all over the world, as well as to establish a network of training centers for police officers in compliance with the international law and common values of the world legal order

The Organization is not intended to replace the police, law enforcement bodies and security services of the countries. The main purpose of the Organization is to help the law enforcement agencies worldwide in combatting various kinds of economic crime, which has become international nowadays, as well as to protect citizens and organizations from criminality.