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INTERPOL CENTER (UK) together with the State University of Management (Russia) and the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (Cyprus), with the assistance of the UN, the International Academy of Economic Security INTERPOL UN (UK), the International Association of Police Academies INTERPA, offer training in jointly prepared and developed program "Economic Security" in the specialty "economic security", qualification - Bachelor and Master, as well as to be retrained in this specialty.

The aim of the educational programme is to train specialists who implement a systematic approach to addressing the economic security of the state and business with the use of modern tools and mechanisms for neutralizing and preventing threats and risks. Areas of professional activity, in which graduates of the program can carry out professional activity are law enforcement; defense and security of the state; ensuring economic security of the region; economic security of business entities; security of the financial and credit system; financial monitoring; combating money laundering and terrorist financing. The main core disciplines of the educational programme are:

- Economic security as the basis of national security - Business intelligence and access to information - Business management standards - Integrated business security solutions - Cybercrimes - Shadow economy, criminal threats - IT security - Financial component of economic security - Competitiveness of an organization. Business intelligence

During their studies cadets who successfully complete the curriculum can be directed for additional training and internships in international police agencies and partner organizations. Upon successful completion of training and testing, as well as a state final examination, graduates receive documents of national and international standard of ISO 9001:2008 and may be assigned to INTERPOL CENTER, INTERPOL, UN, OSCE, world leading companies and partner organizations.

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