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The new campaign is called “Pledge to Pause”

The new campaign is called “Pledge to Pause”


We are working closely with Purpose on the second stage of the campaign, which aims to change people's behavior when sharing information. The new campaign is called " Promise to pause."

What Is Pledge To Pause?

World can only contain the coronavirus and its consequences if everyone has access to accurate and reliable information. Pledge to Pause is a behavior change initiative aimed at fighting misinformation and creating a new social norm for how people share information online.

What is misinformation and why do we need this campaign?

Now more than ever, we need to think carefully about the news and information we share online. Where did it come from? Is it fact-checked? We've all shared things that turned out to be untrue, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, misinformation can be deadly.
Like the virus itself, misinformation - fake news, false or inaccurate information-spreads from person to person, increasing health risks and spreading fear and division. It captures our emotions, exploits our weaknesses, and tricks us into participating in a chain of events that could harm us all. Its pervasive nature means that we have all seen it and shared it, and now we must all try to break the chain by committing to pause and take care before sharing.

What can you do?

All over the world, through the United Nations networks and our staff, we encourage civil society and activists, businesspeople and politicians, and celebrities to participate in the campaign. We ask the world to "promise to pause" before sharing information online, and we would like you to join us.